Real-Time Positivity Update

Kids, positive thinking works. Don’t ever let anyone tell you differently.

I just returned home from a dreaded visit to city hall. My previous visits to accomplish this errand having been unsuccessful, I went back today—my last before incurring a penalty larger than the actual fee for this particular city privilege—expecting the long, slow lines I’d encountered on my earlier, time-limited attempts. I’d planned ahead by putting on an extra layer of clothing, as I was sure to be standing, near motionless, outdoors in the sharp cold and wind visiting our region today (this being the tiniest of offices at which one might conduct city business). And as I headed out the door, my husband told me earnestly, “Good luck!”

In that micromoment, I made my mind right and said, with sincere gratitude, “Thank you.” Simple, everyday words, this phrase spoken with soul-felt thankfulness formed my attitude along the drive to city hall. No longer dreading the chore, I accepted what was to come, and the universe rewarded me in perhaps small but notable ways:

  • No traffic impeded me as I backed out of our driveway.
  • I had clear passage to turn left on a normally congested street with views blocked by parked cars.
  • I braked in time to avoid the intersectional battle of wills between a city bus driver and the individual at the wheel of a small sedan.
  • Rather than rushing to turn in ahead of cars that were headed in my direction, I paused to let them pass. At first thinking I’d missed my chance, I breathed, slowed, and watched as these cars passed by the full, and tiny, parking lot only to have a space open up before me near the doorway, as if by magic. Lest I ruin the spell, I looked carefully to make sure none of the folks who’d passed the spot were rushing backward to claim it. And I slid in.
  • No long, slow line snaking out the door and down the sidewalk. Not even a cluster of folks crammed just inside the door. Not at all. Instead, I was able to take my spot in line a few steps inside, with just a handful of people ahead of me.
  • Overhearing the instructions of a clerk attending to one of the other patrons, I readied my paperwork. When my turn came, I happily handed her just the items she needed. We communicated easily and collegially. I received my city-mandated item at a lower fee than I had expected (prorated for a partial year) and stepped aside for the next individual in line.

It had occurred to me while finishing up my transaction that I should play the lottery today. And then I promptly forgot. A key aspect of operating in a positive way under the law of attraction is to act on meaningful impulses quickly. I may have missed this particular chance, or perhaps this writing exercise, my recounting of the tale, recalibrated my vibration for wealth with a timely reminder.

I think I’ll just go act on that now. Cheers, friends! Think good thoughts for yourself and others, and share them here if you’re inclined.


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