On Days That Are Abundance-Challenged

At the risk of attracting more of what I do not want (i.e., financial deficit), I feel the need to work through an issue that I believe many of us encounter, especially when we’re first adjusting to the abundance concept: how to remain grateful when the abundance we manifest seems less than substantial.

To be honest, sometimes it seems that the level of financial abundance in our household has decreased, not increased, since I became aware of the law of attraction and the abundance mindset.

Despite my best (or so I think) efforts to edit my thoughts for negative phrasing, to smile at people when I’m out among humanity, to meditate on all the events and tidings and interactions for which I am grateful that day, and so on—and even considering that my husband is, without exception, responsive to the feng shui and positive-thinking adjustments I’ve introduced—we are encountering unexpected bills and otherwise seeing our finances fray and even unravel.

Is this a case of a situation needing to get worse before it gets better? Yes, and more than that. I certainly worsened our circumstances for a time by taking some of the basic law-of-attraction bromides literally. “Act as if you’ve received what you’re wanting” is one; another is to tell yourself you have plenty of money right now for what you need and want. The latter led me to smile to myself contentedly while I spent small amounts of money on several items without keeping track of my bank account. Only when I read another piece of sage advice—rather than tell yourself you can afford it without concern or awareness, ask yourself *how* you can afford it—did I recognize what my gut was already telling me, that I have to be accountable for my resources.

And those resources include my time and my attention. The law of attraction is not magic, although by some accounts, manifesting abundance seems like magic when it happens. Rather, it is foundational to a universe that is perpetually abundant, perhaps because that universe needs us to be productive. I need to work and to give.

I have not been nearly as productive as my ability and accountability afford.

Despite the issues, we have seen abundance manifested. Just today, after another hit to the finances, on a day when the rain was unrelenting and my son faced another walk in the damp and chill, our friend, a kind neighborhood mom, offered us a ride home. And once we were in the car, she surprised P with a cool toy for him to take home; she asked only that P appreciate it and enjoy it.

On a day when my abundance mindset is challenged, I see how wealth can come to us and am so grateful for the gift.


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